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Trial Editing

Struggling to find a suitable editor?

The best editor for you is one who understands your needs and meets you where you are at! Trial Editing allows you to gain a clear understanding of our style of working and approaching what’s on the page.

At Rs 2,999, Trial Editing combines the most important kinds of editorial support needed to strengthen your work, i.e., manuscript assessment in the form of a report, sentence level editing and 1-0-1 support!

Trial Editing @ Rs 2,999!

  • NOTE
  • • Wordcount: Applicable on any sample up to 1,000 words.
  • • Genres: All except poetry.
  • • Delivery: Within a business week.
  • • Call: 1 only (40 min approx.)
  • • Editorial report: 1-2 pages, including market analysis (if relevant)
  • • Fee: Full payment upfront via net banking.
  • • The phone call should ideally be made after the assessment and edit is shared. If you need to speak before the edit begins, it would be best to prepare specific questions.

Please fill the form to get a quote. Please expect a response within five business days. Thank you!