Trial Editing 

The best editor is not one who can edit FAST and A LOT but one who understands your needs. Trial Editing allows you to gain confidence of the editing style, delivery and method assured by Editor’s Atelier: objective, supportive and clear. It combines the most important kinds of editing, i.e manuscript assessment in the form of a report or memo, line editing and 1-0-1 guidance for a sample of your writing.

Fee: Rs 6,999


  • You can submit any one sample of up to 2,500 words.
  • The line edit and assessment will be on ONE sample only.
  • You can submit anything that is the beginning of a piece. In case, you wish to submit a sample that is not the beginning, please share a brief paragraph explaining the context.
  • The phone call should ideally be made after the assessment and edit is shared. If you need to speak before the edit begins, it would be best to prepare a list of three specific questions that shows the problem you are facing. Read here to learn what kind of questions to ask
  • Please read the FAQ page to know more about payment method, submission format, quality assurance and more.
  • Full payment shall be made upfront for this service. In case, you wish to purchase an additional edit, the fee will be adjusted later. However, owing to the nature and duration of Trial Editing, the payment cannot be made in installments.
  • Delivery: The assessment and edits will be emailed within 2 weeks of commencement.
  • Email:





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