Do you doubt your writing?

Do you doubt your writing? Warning: This blog is not the solution to self-doubt For almost a decade, I was afraid whether I was a good writer. I burdened myself with strange thoughts, such as not getting plenty of by lines meant I did not have anything to say or well enough. I believed it with absolute conviction, making myself feel terribly ashamed. Today, I feel different. I strongly feel the urge to translate some … Read more Do you doubt your writing?

How to be in awe?

How to be in awe? A few years ago, I met a writer in a city that was new to me. Although usually I ask writers what is their book about, their aims apart from getting published and the like, this conversation was different. The writer wasn’t asking for publishing support and the chat retained a friendly tone. Within 30 minutes, we touched upon our interests. A little bit of this and a little bit … Read more How to be in awe?