What’s Editing Anyway? Part 4

There are no two ways about credibility It is either credible or not I was recently watching a 2018 Hindi film about a young couple who are afraid of responsibility and standing up to their selves. Although they are considerate human beings and love each other passionately, their identity and relationship takes an emotional toll when they make several impulsive decisions. In one of the most memorable scenes, the girl drives to the groom’s (not … Read more What’s Editing Anyway? Part 4

Will I get published?

Will I get published? I was recently talking to a writer whose work I really admire. Like most writers, he juggles many roles. Apart from writing novels, he runs a small publishing house with his friend. He also writes screenplays and provides digital marketing services. When the man asked my friendly opinion on where should he submit his manuscript, I said apart from the usual biggies, there were a few upcoming publishers he could consider. … Read more Will I get published?

How to be in awe?

How to be in awe? A few years ago, I met a writer in a city that was new to me. Although usually I ask writers what is their book about, their aims apart from getting published and the like, this conversation was different. The writer wasn’t asking for publishing support and the chat retained a friendly tone. Within 30 minutes, we touched upon our interests. A little bit of this and a little bit … Read more How to be in awe?

What’s editing anyway? Part 2

What’s editing anyway? Part 2 A few years ago, I was hanging out with a group of six people, including me and my date. I barely knew anyone there apart from my date and was very uncomfortable being in my skin. When deciding what to order, I would wait for others to take a call and say yes to the majority. When we started to eat, I made the face of a child high on … Read more What’s editing anyway? Part 2