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Manuscript Assessment

The simplest way to understand a manuscript assessment is from the term itself. A manuscript assessment is an assessment in the form of an editorial letter or a report. While this can be anywhere from a few pages to 20 pages, it always depends on the nature of the manuscript.

  • • This is useful if you are looking for an objective review, not a full edit.
  • • You can seek an evaluation at any stage, especially before submitting to publishing houses, literary agents, or even beta readers.
  • • Avoid sending the first draft of a manuscript as it is likely to have many avoidable issues.
  • • The report gives constructive criticism based on the writing.
  • • You will get a detailed analysis of the most important aspects, be it the theme, plot, structure, dialogue, characterisation, conflict, motive, goals, pace etc.
  • • Manuscript assessment applies to fiction and non-fiction.
  • • Since an assessment primarily entails a report, the editor makes no changes within the manuscript.
  • • Repetitive errors will be pointed out, including incomprehensibility, dialogue tags, tense, punctuation, spellings etc.
  • • A random fact check will be conducted to assess overall credibility.

You also get two bonus features as part of manuscript assessment.

You can ask up to two specific questions regarding the manuscript, which will be discussed in the report. Note that the questions should be specific as opposed to general. For instance, a general question could be: What did you think of the protagonist? Or what did you think of my story? It is best to avoid asking such general questions. The more specific you get, the more detail I can show and share with you.

So what should you ask?
Example: ‘I wanted to make the protagonist a shy boy who unknowingly starts to bully others around, but without making him read like an aggressor or a villain. Do you think I have achieved that?’

This is a much better way because as an editor I know what you wanted and what you think you are struggling with. Remember what I think of the story matters less than whether you were able to achieve what you set out to and how I can help you improve your Work.

Please email me the questions latest within a week of the commencing of the assessment.

I will offer up to two customized writing exercises that will deal with the problems or weaknesses in your work. This will help you independently identify the problem, assess it and write with more confidence.

Click here to read samples of brief assessments.

Delivery:For a manuscript up to 50k words, delivery within four weeks.

Please fill the form to get a quote. Please expect a response within five business days. Thank you!