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Four by Fifty

Get ready to submit your manuscript

A four-month manuscript development programme that helps authors get their work ready for submission!

Why 4?
Four months is the approximate time taken to develop a partially ready manuscript to a fully developed work.*

Why 50?
50k words is the standard wordcount for most paperbacks (fiction and nonfiction).

  • What are the features of 4 by 50?
  • • Developmental editing (1 round)
  • • Copy editing (1 round)
  • • Unlimited 1-0-1support
  • • Book proposal
  • • Market assessment

  • What will you gain?
  • • *A well-rounded manuscript with minimal errors
  • • A ready to submit book proposal
  • • Professional guidance and support in the form of 1-0-1 feedback and edits
  • • Clear understanding of the identity of the manuscript
  • • Clarity on what’s working on the page, including style and substance related concerns
  • • Clarity on what’s not working on the stage, including style and substance related concerns
  • • Clarity on positioning of the manuscript in the marketplace

  • Who is this for?
  • • Anyone whose manuscript is ready for editing, including developmental work and editing on a sentence level.
  • • Anyone who is looking to publish traditionally
  • • Anyone who is looking to self-publish
  • • Anyone with a fiction or nonfiction manuscript up to 60k words

  • What is the importance of a book proposal?
  • A strong book proposal helps the author make a valuable proposition to a publisher making it hard for them to say No! The proposal includes the following elements:
  • • Title
  • • Subtitle
  • • Synopsis
  • • Table of contents
  • • Author bio
  • • 3 ready to submit chapters
  • • Competing titles
  • • Marketing ideas

Duration: Four months

Cost: Rs 2L/-

Payment: Rs 50k per month

Mode of payment: Net banking

Advance: Pay per month. Monthly instalment to be seen as non-refundable

Genre: Open to all genres except recipe books and poetry

When does it begin: Four by Fifty is a seasonal programme that is only accepted in June- Sept and Nov- Feb. Bookings can be taken in advance.** Email for details and questions.

Email :editorsatelier@gmail.com

  • What will this not include?
  • • Writing or cowriting
  • • Rewriting
  • • Research
  • • Fact-check
  • • Agency representation
  • • Book publication
  • • An error free manuscript
  • • Editorial critique or manuscript assessment
**T and C apply

Please fill the form to get a quote. Please expect a response within five business days. Thank you!