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Fearless Submission

Is my story good enough?

Is my story ready?

What if it’s not there yet?

If you are a writer, whether beginning, or established, you have likely come across this feeling. The question may differ but the overall concern remains the same.

Fearless Submission aims to encourage all writers to share their writing fearlessly.

Professional feedback on any story @ Rs 100

Who is this for?
• Anyone who enjoys sharing their writing
• Anyone who wants to share their writing despite any fear associated with submissions
• Anyone who fears their writing is good enough
• Anyone who fears being judged for their writing
• Anyone who fears rejection
• Anyone who wishes to understand their writing from a third person
• Anyone who wishes to see professional quality feedback

What will you gain?
• Professional feedback on any story at any stage
• Feedback in the form of an editorial letter
• Clarity about what works on the page, including style and substance related concerns
• Clarity about what does not work on the page, including style and substance related concerns
• Actionable solutions in the form of suggestions and/or questions
• Ease and/or confidence to submit fearlessly

T and C apply
• Feedback is in the form of a simple 1-2 pages letter or report, delivered within 24 hours.
• The feedback entails an overview of what works in the story and what does not work.
• This is not an acceptance or rejection of your writing.
• This service is applicable for all stories, except poetry.
• You can submit any story up to 3,000 words. If you have a longer story, you can submit an excerpt within the word count. Note that submissions beyond the wordcount will be assessed only up to 3k words.
• The fee is to be seen as non-refundable.

Delivery: Get the feedback in your inbox within 24 hours!

How to buy: Fearless Submission is open only on select dates. All details, including registration and payment to be disclosed soon!

Please fill the form to get a quote. Please expect a response within five business days. Thank you!