Fearless Submission

Fearless Submission

Fearless SubmissionDo you fear sharing your writing with the world?

Do you feel others will judge you for sharing your personal truth?

Submitting your writing can be nerve wracking. You may think your writing is not good enough or that others will judge you for sharing difficult parts of your life. You may not want to publish your writing but love writing anyway. All of this is OK.

Fearless Submission is a programme that allows you to submit your writing without fear of being judged. You can submit anything, especially if you are uncomfortable sharing it with an audience, even if small. Whether you feel ashamed, guilty or truly proud, it doesn’t matter. If you wrote it from your heart, you can share it with a professional editor who relates with the joy and fear associated with writing. The aim is to provide a comfortable and non-judgemental environment.

Who is this for?

  • You love to write but are afraid if it is good enough;
  • You feel people will judge you, especially loved ones;
  • You wish to write but fear rejection;
  • You want to submit but have never dared yourself; or
  • Writing makes you feel at ease or good about yourself.

If you relate with any two of the points below, the last one would be useful, and it is likely you will feel at ease with yourself or your writing from this programme, also the aim of Fearless Submission.

What will you gain?

  • A safe and trustworthy environment.
  • Feedback in the form of an editorial report. Click here to know more about the editorial assessments
  • One call (60 minutes)
  • Customized writing exercise (optional)
  • A sample edit on 500 words (optional)


How does it work?

There are three steps involved:

  1. Note: Please send a note on what you wish to share, not the writing itself. This allows me to know what to expect.
  2. Dates and payment: I will email you an acknowledgement and request you to share suitable dates to commence. Post confirmation, you must initiate payment and send the writing. I will confirm receipt accordingly.
  3. Fearless Submission begins: I will send an assessment within three days and simultaneously schedule the call.

Am I likely to reject your writing?

No. This programme is not to accept or reject anyone’s work. It is to allow writers to share their writing without fear and receive constructive feedback in a supportive environment.

How long is the programme for?

Fearless Submission lasts for 21 days only. Hence, please let me know in advance if you wish to choose the sample edit (on 500 words) or the customized writing exercise. You can only choose any one but please let me know in the beginning as no extension will be given. After the 21 day period is over, none of the features are valid.

Why is the sample edit only for 500 words?

The sample edit is an optional feature for those who wish to learn to improve or see what editing is. The aim of Fearless Submission, as the term suggests, is submitting fearlessly. This is not an editing service, and hence the sample edit is only for a short passage. If you need editing services, please email me directly.

How long can the submission be?

You can submit anything up to 1,000 words. Please note that the feedback will be on the writing you submit. Hence, authors are advised to be careful about what you send. It may be part of a lengthier piece and that’s OK. Please let me know the same in advance. However, the word count for the assessment will stay the same owing to the nature of this programme.

Which optional feature should I choose?

You can choose between a customized writing exercise and a sample edit. These will help if you want to learn to pay attention to stories in general or improve your writing. If, however, you only want to share your writing fearlessly, you may skip these. The best way to know whether you will gain from these options is to first read the report submitted by the editor and discuss your concerns or story on the phone. After this, you can decide if you want an extra feature. If you are a novice to editing, then please let me know in advance as I will aim to edit in a way that meets your needs. Often, non-writers don’t know how editing works as a process and it is best if you share your experience with editing transparently.

Customized writing exercise are fun activities that allow you to identify what you like as a reader and why. I won’t ask you to rewrite what you submitted. Instead, I will point you in a direction that is already close to your interests. They are customized because I will design an exercise on the basis of the writing you submit.

What genre is this valid for?

This is valid for all genres except poetry. You can send anything as long as you have a strong feeling about it. It doesn’t have to be private.

Does it guarantee publication?

Fearless Submission doesn’t guarantee publication. Please note that no services offered by Editor’s Atelier promise publication. If your book is ready for submission, you may write to me directly and I can share an honest assessment. However, this Fearless Submission is best suited if you wish to: 1) share your writing that you have always been afraid to share and 2) receive feedback that is kind and objective.

How do you ensure a supportive environment?

Please note that Editor’s Atelier will honour confidentiality and your writing will not be shared with anyone. Although the copyright of any writing submitted rests with the author, the copyright of any report created by Editor’s Atelier rests with the founder.

Do you mean you will share the report in public? Doesn’t that reveal my identity?

Please note that any report created by Editor’s Atelier is for internal use only. If, however, I share it publicly, then your name and title of the story is never mentioned in the report. Please read samples of reports created by Editor’s Atelier to understand more.

What if I want to share the report with others?

You can share with others as long as you credit it appropriately.

How to schedule the call?

To seek the best from the call, schedule it in the beginning. While it is best to call after reading the report, please let me know in advance how you wish to proceed.

What can I say on the call?

It is best to use this call as per your discretion. There are no rules so you may talk about how you felt before submitting or how you have never critiqued anyone’s writing after you were bashed by someone else. You could talk about your dreams as a writer or the books that changed your life. Please note the aim of the call is to encourage you to relax. It can be fun given you stay objective and calm.

How much does it cost?

It costs Rs 2,999/- only.

Is there any advance?

There is no advance and the full payment must be sent via net banking. The programme will commence only on receipt of the same. Editor’s Atelier accepts instalments only for long term programmes such as Four by Fifty.

Is there any refund?

There is no refund. Please note that the programme is short and intense due to the emotional commitment required on the editor’s part. If you are not still sure of committing, then you may write to me and I can help address your concerns.

Can I gift it to anyone?

You can gift it to someone you know who loves to write but is afraid to share his or her writing. If you wish to gift it, please let me know in advance so that I know whose work I am reading. Please note that there are no refunds and hence, please be sure before you commit to this programme.



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