Is editing costly or cost effective? Part 2 If you gave your 100 per cent, will you feel devastated when someone rejects your story? In part 1 of the series called, Is editing Costly or Cost Effective, I wrote about how editing makes any art invaluable. In part 2, I want to talk about three rules and how following them not only makes you feel that editing is cost effective but also empowers you as
What’s editing anyway? Part 2 Credit: A few years ago, I was hanging out with a group of six people, including me and my date. I barely knew anyone there apart from my date and was very uncomfortable being in my skin. When deciding what to order, I would wait for others to take a call and say yes to the majority. When we started to eat, I made the face of a child
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Three things an author should never say Be specific, do your best and never undermine yourself Even in the middle of a pandemic, an author should never say these three things For the past few months, I have been hearing a constant refrain from authors who query me for editing related services and publishing consultation. I want to stop them and tell them those questions are self sabotage. Since it is work from home for
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What’s editing anyway? Part 1  The word anyway undermines a concept but also invites deeper scrutiny If you want to explain a concept or a task you love to someone who has no idea, add the word anyway at the end. Notice how you will be able to share a lot and passionately so. For instance, if you love being a parent, before you answer, ask yourself, ‘What’s parenting anyway?’ On one hand, the harmless
Is editing costly or cost effective? Part 1 Is editing costly or cost effective is a series that attempts to address, not merely seek to answer the question, whether editing is cost effective or costly. I attempt to address this conceptually as well as through case studies from my experience and other editors’. This series also welcomes views from editors, authors, filmmakers or anyone associated with storytelling, arguing not just for or against but proposing

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