What’s editing anyway? Part 3 How an unsaid hierarchy between reporters and editors created a rift between two friends A teacher used to tell us, don’t take journalism seriously. At the end of the day, the newspaper is a container for chana garam. Credit: Deepak Sankat/Flickr I remember a conversation I had with a friend when we were studying journalism together. Anjum* was an aspiring reporter who was known for his humility and love for
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Will I get published? Every manuscript or query I receive has an unsaid question attached to it. ‘Will I get published?’ Credit: Getty /iStock I was recently talking to a writer whose work I really admire. Like most writers, he juggles many roles. Apart from writing novels, he runs a small publishing house with his friend. He also writes screenplays and provides digital marketing services. When the man asked my friendly opinion on where should
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So you want to publish your book as soon as possible The best time to publish depends on the needs of the author and the book Should you decide the timing of the book launch on the basis of your desire or the need of the book? Credit: Getty Images/iStockphoto Many writers I work with have the same concern. When I ask them, when do you want to publish this latest by,  they tell me,
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How to be in awe? Credit: In the beginning was awe, then awe was with fear but fear slowly grew into acceptance. Credit: ThePugFather/Flickr A few years ago, I met a writer in a city that was new to me. Although usually I ask writers what is their book about, their aims apart from getting published and the like, this conversation was different. The writer wasn’t asking for publishing support and the chat retained a
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Is editing costly or cost effective? Part 2 If you gave your 100 per cent, will you feel devastated when someone rejects your story? In part 1 of the series called, Is editing Costly or Cost Effective, I wrote about how editing makes any art invaluable. In part 2, I want to talk about three rules and how following them not only makes you feel that editing is cost effective but also empowers you as

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