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Do you wish to compile an anthology but don’t have the time to coordinate with several contributors?

Anthologies are one of the hardest genres but also a great way to strengthen your reputation as a writer or successful professional. Most anthology editors will tell you that if you are not passionate about it, you shouldn’t bother compiling one. The nature of an anthology is such that apart from dedicating significant amount of time, you must commit to several contributors’ versions of an idea, not only yours. Since most writers earn their living from non-writing jobs, it becomes extremely difficult to manage a living and breathing project, even when it is close to their hearts.

Anthology_006 aims to provide editing solutions to ensure you deliver your best anthology in just six months.

Whom is this for?
• You know enough contributors, writers and/or non-writers (20-30);
• You will not compromise on editorial standards;
• You find depth in diversity of opinions and thoughts;
• You are relatively successful and known within your network;
• You like reading anthologies;
• You have either contributed to an anthology or compiled one; and
• You are aware that the best writing is a process of team work and revisions.

• Content development as per the theme
• Four rounds of editing
• Author queries
• Unlimited calls with the anthology editor


How does it work?

The first step is to send the following documents. Once I receive them, I will revert within a business week to share whether the project will benefit from Anthology_006.

1. A note on the vision and theme (at least 500 words)
2. A note on the target audience and competing titles (at least three)
3. At least four sample chapters (not the first drafts)
4. Author bio

Will you begin editing straightaway?
After a written confirmation from Editor’s Atelier, a call will be scheduled to discuss the dates, themes and other necessary briefs. The editing will begin as per the dates discussed.

What if I want to see a sample edit?
If you want to see a sample edit, then you may avail of the service, Trial Editing, which combines editorial assessment, line editing and a 40-minute phone call with the author. The fee is non-refundable if you do not wish to continue. In this case, the phone call can be with the anthology editor.

The contributors have submitted the first drafts. Should I send that?
Since the programme is time bound, you will benefit the most if you submit a draft that has been worked upon at least once in line with the overall theme. A strong anthology editor will be able to seamlessly bring together diverse voices only if she or he is sure about what she wants and why. Besides, if you have shared constructive criticism with your contributors already, it will make them feel confident in you and the final product. It is primarily your relationship with each of them that will help them deliver their best.

Why only four rounds of editing?
The number of rounds remains fixed as the programme is time bound. Each piece will be seen by Editor’s Atelier only four times. The first round is to raise author queries; the second will be copy- or line editing in track changes and the third round is to incorporate any changes by the anthology editor. The last round will be essentially to close the queries and incorporate new changes, if any, by the contributor. You may do any number of rounds between yourself and the contributor but Editor’s Atelier will only do four. If the anthology editor feels more work is needed, then the same must be conveyed to Editor’s Atelier. While I will share an honest assessment on what can be done, any additional rounds of editing will be invoiced separately.

How long is this valid for?
Anthology_006 is valid for six months. Hence, it is best if the author can compile and send at least 50 per cent of the manuscript at the beginning of the programme. Submitting all the chapters in time is the responsibility of the anthology editor and any delay will not lead to extension in duration.

Why six months?
Anthologies are one of the hardest genres due to the mammoth effort it takes to bring together diverse voices on one platform. This means that apart from communicating your idea and understanding their views, you have to coordinate everyone’s schedules so that every stakeholder’s time is utilized and respected. This can be hard to imagine, especially if you have never edited an anthology before. Most books need three types of editing and several rounds of each, depending on the complexity of the manuscript. Big trade publishers spend up to a few months on editing but often the manuscript has been worked upon by professional editors. Remember that the anthology is respected for strong writing as well as the vision of the anthology editor, which brings together everything.

Do you take responsibility for fact checking?
While I will do a thorough fact check, if I find many errors in a particular chapter, then I will raise a concern and ask both contributor and anthology editor to revise. However, 100 per cent accuracy of facts should be seen as the sole responsibility of the anthology editor.

Will you rewrite the chapters?
Please note that the anthology editor must carefully select the chapters in the interest of everyone’s time. If 40 per cent of the manuscript needs rewriting, then I will notify the anthology editor of the same. In such a case, the rewriting must be done by the contributors. In case, only a handful of chapters need rewriting, I will discuss this with the anthology editor before proceeding.

Will you invite contributors?
Anthology_006 does not include inviting contributors. However, if you need inputs on contributors, then please let me know in advance. This will be charged separately.

I have written confirmation from writers that they will participate. Is that enough?
While that is a great start, it is best to give them a deadline by which they can submit the first draft and let them know how soon you can revert with feedback. However, this programme is limited to six months and you will benefit from it only if you are able to submit at least 50 per cent of the manuscript that has been edited at least once by the anthology editor and the edits shared with the contributors.

What if I need more rounds of editing?
The duration of the programme is fixed to serve the best interest of all the stakeholders. If you are certain that it needs more than four rounds or more time than six months, then you may email me and I can advise you. Please note that you will gain the most from this programme if you know what the anthology is about, and why you are doing it. Editor’s Atelier reserves the right to reject additional rounds.

Does Anthology_006 work for fiction?
The programme is suitable for fiction, non-fiction and creative non-fiction. Anthology_006 is designed so that each story goes through the same steps, including author query, line editing, approval and final reading. To ensure each story’s needs are met and are in sync with the overall theme, it is imperative you submit the vision and themes of the book before the programme begins. This helps me know your expectations and the best way to meet them.

I don’t have the time to edit the first drafts even once.
It is likely your schedule doesn’t allow for the same. In this case, you can write to me and I can schedule the programme accordingly. However, please note that the anthology carries your name and reputation and hence, it is critical for you to know that your efforts will eventually benefit the book. Also, if you cancel after booking, cancellation charges may apply. See below.

Can you reject the manuscript?
Yes. Editor’s Atelier reserves the right to reject a manuscript for Anthology_006. If I don’t believe the book will benefit from the programme, I am happy to share steps that you can take to improve. In this case, please let me know if you need advice.

Will Editor’s Atelier take permissions?
Yes. Editor’s Atelier reserves the right to reject a manuscript for Anthology_006. If I don’t believe the book will benefit from the programme, I am happy to share steps that you can take to improve. In this case, please let me know if you need advice.

Does Anthology_006 guarantee publication?
Anthology_006 doesn’t guarantee publication nor does it assure an error free manuscript. It also does not include typesetting, cover design or marketing. Please read more on quality assurance here.

How much does it cost?
It costs Rs 3L only. Any extra charges such as printing, meetings or fax will be invoiced separately. If you are an international author, please email me for the quote.

Is there any advance?
Yes, the anthology editor must pay 50 per cent of the total fee in advance. The remaining sum should be paid in two equal installments at a gap of two months. All payments are done via net banking.

Is there any refund?
If you choose to stop anytime during the programme, please discuss the same with me and I will return the work done so far and also overages, if any. However, the advance will be refunded only if the anthology editor gives a notice of at least three weeks. Anything less and Editor’s Atelier reserves the right to invoice the full fee agreed upon.

Do you charge a booking fee?
Since the programme is time intensive, I have to block my dates for projects months in advance. Once your dates are confirmed, you must pay a booking fee of Rs 5,000. If you cancel within three weeks of booking, you will get a full refund. Anything more than three weeks after confirmation, there will be no refund of the booking fee. The booking fee will be deducted from the final invoice.

Please fill the form to get a quote. Please expect a response within five business days. Thank you!