How to be in awe?

How to be in awe?

Credit: In the beginning was awe, then awe was with fear but fear slowly grew into acceptance. Credit: ThePugFather/Flickr

A few years ago, I met a writer in a city that was new to me. Although usually I ask writers what is their book about, their aims apart from getting published and the like, this conversation was different. The writer wasn’t asking for publishing support and the chat retained a friendly tone.

Within 30 minutes, we touched upon our interests. A little bit of this and a little bit of that. I knew if we scratched the surface, divergent opinions would likely make us feel not connected. The good thing was that neither did it feel good nor bad. We were simply two strangers getting to know whether we were like-minded.

I knew exactly the kind of service I could have sold him but I choose not to. Not because I thought he wasn’t worthy. In fact, he was the right fit. Instead, I felt everything was fine the way it was.

A few months ago, we had interacted online when he had asked me something many authors ask me. The query seems to be on the lines of, ‘Please tell me how you do what you do!’ It feels as if they think I have the magic wand that will get them to write what they want to write or do what they want to .

I knew with this writer that the awe was so fragile that it would have given away with a little bit of prodding. If one is really in awe of anything or anyone, do you judge or compare it?

It is likely that you have met someone you have been in awe of for a very long time but when you met, you don’t feel the same way. It could be the person’s behaviour. Other times, you decide the person is not enough by your standards.

‘You have been married only a few years? What will you know?’

‘You have only written for soft subjects? What will you understand about the real world?’

‘You call yourself a writer but have never been published.  Are you really a writer?’

If you truly knew and accepted that you are enough and so is the other, you are unlikely to judge and compare.

And, when you understand that you are enough, the experience of awe is limitless. There is no space for comparison or judgment. Instead, the sense of awe can seamlessly merge with acceptance.

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